Friday, November 13, 2009

Technology Change

I finally traded in my old, falling-apart Moto Razr for a Blackberry Curve (and a new 2-yr contract at Sprint). I hope I'll grow to like the Curve, which so far has been a bit of a pain to set up. No problem getting my gmail to forward to the BB, but I need some special connection at IU to download mail from the exchange server. It also took me too much time - and a couple of Google searches - to get the phone to connect by Bluetooth to my laptop. Otherwise, the Curve seems reasonably intuitive, especially for someone like me who doesn't intend to make use of all the bells and whistles. All I want is a phone that (1) works as a phone, (2) links to my car's Bluetooth system, (3) is e-mail friendly, and (4) allows me to check the weather radar before and during rides. Bottom line: I'm not a smart enough user for a "smart phone."

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