Monday, November 9, 2009

"Selling Hot Air: Emissions Trading and Offsets in Climate Policy"

I have two chapters left to write for my climate policy book. Those two chapters are, respectively, on US climate policy and  post-Kyoto international climate policy. Six months ago, it appeared likely that both policies would be settled by the end of this year. Now, it appears that the US Senate will not take a vote on climate legislation until it finishes with health care, and who knows when that might be?  Meanwhile, world leaders have begun taking steps to reduce expectations that a successor to the Kyoto Protocol would be adopted this December in Copenhagen. Now, they are saying that a post-Kyoto agreement might take another year to hammer out. What's an author to do in the meantime? Perhaps this is a cautionary tale about writing on topics in real time, while the ground is still shifting.

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