Saturday, November 7, 2009

Progress Report: Evolution of Property Systems in Natural Resources

Elinor Ostrom and I are organizing a September 2010 conference, sponsored and hosted by the Lincoln Institute on Land Policy in Cambridge, Mass., on the evolution of property systems in natural resources. Confirmed participants (so far) include (in addition to Lin and myself,  in alphabetical order):

Leigh Anderson (University of Washington-Seattle)
John Baden (Foundation for Research in Economics and the Environment)
Richard Barnes (University of Hull)
William Blomquist (Indiana University School of Liberal Arts, Indianapolis)
Karen Clay (Carnegie-Mellon)
Nives Dolsak (University of Washington-Bothell)
Thrainn Eggertsson (University of Iceland and New York University)
Richard Epstein (University of Chicago School of Law)
William Fischel (Dartmouth College)
Robert Ellickson (Yale Law School)
Peter Grossman (Butler University)
Shi-Ling Hsu (University of British Columbia)
Gary Libecap (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Bonnie McCay (Rutgers University)
Andrea McDowell (Seton Hall University School of Law)
Douglass North (Washington University, St. Louis)
Jouni Paavola (University of Leeds)
Anthony Scott (University of British Columbia)
Jason Shogren (University of Wyoming)
Henry Smith (Harvard Law School)
Gavin Wright (Stanford University)
Katrina Wyman (New York University School of Law)
Richard Zerbe (University of Washington-Seattle)

I'm particularly excited that we will have a panel revisiting the standard economic history of the California Gold Rush. The conference presentations will ultimately become chapters in a book Lin and I will edit.

I will post the conference program when it is finalized.

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