Monday, November 23, 2009

A Message to My Nebo Ridge Teammates

I have heard that several of my teammates have been making inquiries about my "sudden" or "rash" departure from the team leadership. I just want to let everyone know that it was neither sudden nor rash, but has been building up for quite some time as I have watched the team moving inexorably away from its original conception as a developmental squad for both racers and non-racers toward a far more competitive racing model.

Virtually every single ride sponsored by the team or by team members has increased in both pace and competitiveness, with less and less attention to team- and skill-building. I don't mind occasional, even frequent, fast and hard rides; but I regret the attendant loss of team cohesiveness. Riding as a cohesive group is, in my view, a great and difficult skill requiring concentration, determination, and self-control. It's pretty easy for any individual to ride as fast as he or she wants. It's far more difficult to ride more slowly for the good of the group. I think that paying more attention to that discipline, in addition to power training and races, would make Team Nebo Ridge stronger as a team. In any case, it is the loss of the sense of a unified team and club, together with the general trend towards becoming a more competitive racing team, which has led to my decision to step down from the Board, committees, etc.

Finally, I want to reassure everyone that I have not had a falling out with any member(s) of the team or club. In fact, I am not leaving the club. I remain a member because I still cherish riding with my Nebo Ridge friends. There is nothing personal whatsoever about this decision.

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