Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Live Blog from IPI Workshop

We're into the second panel now at the Institute for Policy Integrity's Workshop on Cost-Benefit Analysis and Issue Advocacy. I was on the first panel and presented a paper on "Statutory, Methodological, and Political Barriers to More and Better Regulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis." My panel also included Jonathan Cannon from U.Va. Law School, Adam Finkel from U.Pa. and Vickie Patton, Deputy General Counsel at the Environmental Defense Fund. Ricky Revesz, the Dean of NYU Law School, served as Chair and Moderator.

Right now, Michael Steegman from the MacArthur Foundation is speaking about his organization's program on "The Power of Measuring Social Benefits." His panel also includes Jonathan Weiner from Duke and E. Donald Elliott, former General Counsel at the US EPA.

So far, the only disappointment is that Marty Weitzman could not come for this afternoon's panel on The Social Cost of Carbon. I thought Marty might finally state publicly how much he thinks society should spend on mitigating climate change. He's told me privately, but I'm not allowed to share it.

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