Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Weekend of Cycling

35 miles of tempo pace on Chilly Friday. 48 miles of more sprightly riding today, on what might have been the best day of cycling weather Indy will experience for the next three months. Today's ride put me over 5100 for the year. The legs are feeling a bit heavy tonight. Instead of tomorrow morning's chilly outdoor ride, I'll pedal easy (with a few spin-ups and maybe some one-legged drills) on my trainer while watching the Arsenal-Chelsea derby at 11. It would be an understatement to say that it's a big game for The Gunners.

UPDATE: It's Sunday morning and the weather's too nice to sit on the trainer. I'll be riding outdoors this morning, and back to see the last half or so of the Arsenal-Chelsea match.

2d UPDATE: Special thanks to Coach Bob Brooks for leading a GREAT Sunday ride at recovery pace. He achieved what I hadn't be able to accomplish in the last month of Sundays. With more than 20 riders in the pack, Bob's natural authority kept the hammerheads in check. Everyone stayed together with much good conversation during the ride.

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