Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goal for the Day

Figure out how to restructure my climate policy book, yet again, in light of domestic and international failures to move this year. I had planned separate chapters on US climate policy and a presumed "Copenhagen Protocol." Now, I have to move from Plan B to Plan C, whatever that might be.

UPDATE: Somewhat surprisingly, I have made some progress on this problem today. I think I can write one chapter about how the US and the international community should learn from the EU's relatively more cautious approach to emissions trading and, why, given the information we have so far, they are likely to repeat Kyoto's mistakes of comprehensive emissions planning and virtually unlimited offsets. Then, I would add a fifth and final chapter, most of which is already in fact written, on why climate policy involves various collection action problems, along with suggestions on how at least some of those problems might be ameliorated to allow for marginal improvements to climate policy.

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