Monday, November 30, 2009

Go Saints!

I participate in a NFL football pool for charity; proceeds go to public school libraries in Chicago. The participants pick the winners of each regular-season game, and weight the games from 16-1. So, for example, I put 16 points on the Vikings to beat the Bears yesterday, and only 1 point on Denver to beat the NY Giants. I won the pool title for the 2007 season, but since then I haven't even managed to win a single week against the other 25 participants, including two of my law school colleagues both of whom are ahead of me in this year's pool with only 5 weeks remaining. But I can win the pool for this week, if the Saints beat the dreaded Patriots. A Saints win would give me 125 points for the week, 1 point victory, and some momentum for a late-season surge toward the championship. Ah, delusions of grandeur!

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