Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Arsenal

Has anyone (besides me) noticed that the Gunners are now sitting second in the Premier League table behind only Chelsea? The Blues have a 5-point lead, but Arsenal have a game in hand, so the effective lead is only 2 points. Living up to their name, the Gunners have scored 36 goals so far in just 11 games. For those who are math challenged, that's more than 3 goals a game. In all competitions (including the Champion's League, FA Cup, and Carling Cup), the Gunners have 55 goals in 19 games. Who says there's not enough scoring in soccer? Now, if the defense, which admittedly has been better than expected, could just supply a clean sheet now and again, the Gunners would become clear favorites. In the meantime, it should be clear to everyone that the combination of Fabregas and Arshavin in midfield has created something very nearly as potent as the Xavi/Iniesta combo at Barca.

Last year, some in the media were begin to ask whether manager Arsene Wenger had lost the plot. No one's asking that this season.

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