Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ageism & Despotism Live at Indiana University

The Dean of the IU School of Law - Indianapolis, Gary Roberts, will be forced to resign within two years, simply because of his age. That is the decision of IU President Michael McRobbie, pursuant to an ancient University policy that provides for mandatory retirement of administrators at age 65. In this day and age, such a discriminatory policy should no longer exist at all. Not only does IU's policy persist, but it is not even applied consistently. To the contrary, the President McRobbie seems to have unfettered discretion to apply the rule arbitrarily. Having recently waived the mandatory retirement rule for Dean Brater of the IU Medical School, President McRobbie now intends to apply it to Dean Roberts of the law school, who arrived in Indianapolis only 3 years ago. If  he is forced to resign, it would be very bad news for my law school, which more than anything else needs an extended period of the kind of consistent and steady leadership Dean Roberts has provided. Unfortunately, President McRobbie seems to care more about asserting his authority than the institutional best interests of the IU-Indianapolis law school.

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